It is critical that you are perceived in the best way possible when you are searching for employment. The way to ensure this occurs from the very beginning of your job search campaign is to present yourself for job opportunities with a professionally developed resume.


Included within the ERS Professional Resume Writing Service: 


  • A professional resume developed by an industry expert in your field
  • Free edits from submission of first draft until you are satisfied with final copy
  • Numerous versions of your resume in PDF & MS Word format 


Make an order today and an ERS consultant will be in immediate contact to commence process. 

ERS Professional Resume Writing Service

    1. Make an order via our online store
    2. ERS Consultant will email you with a resume content questionaire, requesting for you to complete ASAP and return via email with a copy of your most recent resume (if available)
    3. ERS Consultant will immediately commence work on your new resume 
    4. First draft submitted to you for review 
    5. Customer responds with any amendments required to be made 
    6. Unlimited changes made until you are happy with the final product
    7. When you are happy with the content, versions in MS Word and PDF will be provided for your job search process