ERS provides a suite of services designed to maximise your chances of gaining your next dream role.



What We Do...


Resume Development 

The evolution of recruitment software is changing the way that agency and internal recruiters are working. Recruitment software developers are constantly enhancing their products, meaning the usability and functionality is always changing and becoming more efficient for the recruiter. What does this mean for you? As the applying candidate, when you apply for a role and your resume is diverted into a database which can sometimes hold hundreds of thousands of resumes, you need to ensure your resume is formatted in the appropriate fashion so as it can be extracted promptly by the recruiter. 


How do you do this..?   


Resumes holding certain keywords and keyword chains can be accessed easily and promptly. You need to ensure your resume holds keywords relevant to your role, job title and skillset. If your resume fails to hold the relevant keywording then you are likely to fall to the bottom of a shortlist when a recruiter runs a search on their database. ERS staff have been using these databases for years. We know the searching process recruiters use and as a result, we know the keywording you need to be using to give yourself the best chance of receiving the call with the job offer you have been waiting for. 

ERS provides tailored resume development services for entry-level professionals through to executive leaders.

Cover Letters

Cover letters sometimes won't be required for your job application. When they are, it can at times be the hardest thing in your application to develop. If you are forwarding a resume to an agency recruiter, chances are that it won't be a major necessity. If you are applying for a job directly with an employer, then it will most likely be something you will need to provide. As part of our cover letter service, we tailor wording and develop an external document to provide with your resume to suit the requirements of the role you're applying for.

Linkedin Profiles 

Linkedin currently has 610 million users worldwide and it has become an ever-increasing candidate searching tool in the recruitment world. It is used as a primary database for some smaller recruitment companies, a cross-referencing tool for many in-house recruiters/hiring managers. Along with this, it has now become an integral component of a professional's online presence. 99.9% of recruiters utilise Linkedin for their day to day networking and candidate searching campaigns and the job seeker should be appropriately viewable on the platform to maximise chances of gaining employment. Your Linkedin profile should mirror your resume including dates of employment, positions you held with each employer, etc. 

ERS provides a Linkedin profile development and enhancement service. Whether you have never had a LinkedIn profile in the past and need a whole new profile from scratch or you are looking for your existing profile to be enhanced, ERS can cover your needs.