Effectively Using Key Skills Within Your Resume

The resume typically presents as your opening statement for job opportunities.

Within the resume there is a plethora of information you need to include as well as some critical guidelines you should keep in mind when structuring the profile (more on that here).

However, with the often systematic approach of which many recruiters and hiring professionals use, incorporating your key skills in an effective way so as you stand out with punchy, positive wording to grab the right attention, is a factor which needs to be taken into account.

The three categories of key skills you should pay attention to are listed below:

Adaptive Skills

These will typically involve components of your capability which tend to align with your personality rather than things that you have learnt during study or on the job. Some examples include:

Driven – Naturally determined to achieve something or be successful in specific tasks

Motivated – Very enthusiastic & focussed to achieve something

Ambitious – Having strong will to be successful or achieve set goals

Intelligent – Having good understanding or high mental capacity

Transferable Skills

Transferable skills can be any form of your capability which you can utilise in multiple positions or different functions. Some examples include:

Leadership Capability – People who have effectively lead workforces in one position or within one function stream, can typically utilise the same skills in other avenues

Written Communication – Written communication such as writing emails, proposals or reports can normally always be used in different settings

Time Management – Being able to set yourself timelines to effectively execute tasks within your role can be applied in different positions

Business Development – Holding the capability to map out potential clients within a region and then make contact and sell the cause or product. This is a transferable skill that can be used in many avenues if the technical knowledge of the different service offering is upto standard

Job Related Skills

Job related skills are normally specific to the position you have been working in or the qualification you have studying. Typically, these skills will only be relevant to another business or employer who needs the exact skill or capability. Some examples include:

Mine Planning – To schedule and plan mining operations through effective design, extraction scheduling and mineral preparation procedures

Financial Modelling – The task of building a representation of a real world financial situation

Project Management – The discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing work tasks to achieve a goal

Welding – A fabrication process to join metal parts together by heating surfaces to melting point and joining

Your resume should be an accurate, honest and effective representation of your capability, career history and key skills. By utilising a healthy mix of the above mentioned key skills, your resume will be sure to shine.

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