Six Necessities to Obtain a Promotion

At some point in time, most of us have been exposed to people who just seemed to be perfect at nearly everything they do.

Whether it be in the workplace, university, school or even on the football pitch.

These people tend to be naturals at their given tasks, not requiring over explanation or attention from peers or superiors to execute what’s required.

If this person isn’t you, sitting on the sidelines, watching as they achieve, excel and potentially receive promotions ahead of you can sometimes be frustrating.

At these times, holding bitterness will not get you any further ahead.

It will simply hold you back as you ponder across what could have been.

Maintaining self-awareness and being critical of your own strengths and weaknesses is always extremely important during the road to success.

Hence, as professionals sometimes we must stop, think and assess scenarios when we have come up short, recognising what the achievers are doing different to yourself.

The good news is that these achievers aren’t doing anything outside the realm of your own capability.

Utilising a combination of improved attitude, developed skills and self-awareness, you too can position yourself to receive that promotion you’ve been longing for.

Listed below are 6 Necessities for Obtaining a Promotion:

Always Exceed Expectations

High calibre performers not only complete their set tasks to an exceptional level, they find other tasks to excel in.

Professionals who receive promotions tend to go out of their way to ensure their peers and the business is operating to the best of its ability.

Promoted professionals use innovation to find new ways to complete old tasks more effectively and efficiently.

Choose the Right Setting for Your Key Skills

If you’re a qualified expert in the field of chemical engineering, taking a financial position is probably not the way to get noticed ahead of the pack.

To get noticed as the front runner you need to focus your time and energy into tasks where your skills are the highest.

The only exception to the above would be if you were also a finance qualified professional looking to develop in a stream where technical engineering & financial knowledge was required.

Maintain Good Relationships with Your Peers & Superiors

Exceptional performers are always well liked by other employees in the business.

Typically, they can always find common ground with employees on bottom level right up to senior management.

This is a critical requirement if you are seeking to be promoted. You must be liked or at the very least, respected in some way by your peers.

Otherwise, no one will listen to you when placed in a position of authority.

Know the Business Values & Drivers, Inside & Out

Brilliant employees tend to study the most intricate of details associated to their superiors and organisational primary goals.

They are hungry for information which will lead them to success and they can typically be found attending to extracurricular projects or meetings which will aid their cause.

Promotable achievers are always working in parallel with the organisational end goal, not their own.

Don’t Expect the Promotion for Nothing

Many professionals these days feel that just because they have been in a business longer than someone else, they deserve the promotion.

Fact of the matter, just like everything else in life, you are entitled to nothing…

You must be willing to work for it or earn it through measurable achievements and success.

Sitting steady in cruise control, making no change or improvements to business function is not the way to stand out.

Working hard and showing dedication to the cause is the way to get there.

If all Fails – Ask Exactly What You Need to Do

Typically, all businesses set action plans and hold regular career reviews.

This is generally your chance to understand, inside and out what outcomes need to be achieved each day to receive a promotion.

Leave no stone unturned and do not leave the meeting without addressing concerns or being willing to negotiate on things you feel might be unrealistic.

Unfortunately, some managers may set impossible tasks within your action plan to keep you down.

Be willing to ask questions and challenge a point (respectfully) if required.

If your business doesn’t hold career reviews as such, request one and figure out what you need to do to receive a promotion.

Being promoted is brilliant thing.

It shows your business is not only happy with your performance but they are invested in your professional growth and development.

Be willing to work hard and change personal behavioural patterns if required.

The journey will not always be easy, but it will always be worth it in the end.

The challenge and difficulty sometimes endured, earns the badge of honour you hold with the leadership title.

Take pride in what you do, stand out and be willing to go the extra mile.

As Moliere once said – “The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it”.

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