Eight Tips for LinkedIn Success

Almost overnight, Linkedin somehow became a highly critical component of your professional presence.

It holds importance for a number of reasons but mainly for purposes associated to staying in contact with your industry peers, brand exposure, business development, marketing and of course job seeking.

Recruiting professionals use it religiously as a candidate sourcing tool so if you are seeking employment, you need to know how to present yourself accordingly.

If done right, you will dramatically improve your chances of being found and approached with employment, consulting and general business opportunities.

Listed below are 8 Tips for LinkedIn Success:

1. Keep Your Career Information Up To Date

It’s common to see peoples LinkedIn profiles completely out of date.

This is normally from people who don’t understand the service or see the importance of the initiative in the first place.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are over 467 million users on linkedin and a large portion of those people are recruiters trying to find you for their vacancies.

If you’re seeking a new job or hoping to progress your career somehow, keep your profile updated.

You never know what opportunity might land in your lap overnight as a result of some slight attention to the service.

2. Use Correct Grammar

Using poor grammar is one of the first things you can do to place yourself out of contention for a role.

Whether it be on your resume, cover letter or linkedin profile, make sure you are using appropriate grammar.

3. Use a Professional Photo

Profiles that don’t show a picture are less likely to convey trust or confidence from the viewer.

Make sure you use a professional photo that conveys the right look for your career and the direction you wish to go.

This rules out pictures of you with your sunglasses on, beer in hand at the racetrack. Don't laugh.. I've seen this hundreds of times.

4. Keywords With Purpose

The wording in your profile is extremely important.

Using the correct keywords which describe your career experience, technical capability and overall aspirations is important if you wish to receive contact from recruiters and hiring managers.

You first need to outline the words that are specific to your current role (or desired role) then strategically position them throughout your headline, summary & career history sections.

Using keywords effectively will expose you to a greater audience on the platform, allowing users to find you via key word search techniques.

5. Connect With As Many People As Possible

Maintaining a conservative approach on LinkedIn will reduce your chances of receiving jobs offers, consulting opportunities and exposure to untapped valuable industry content.

If you’re running a business, it will also reduce your advertising & brand marketing potential.

The whole idea behind LinkedIn was to create a platform for like-minded industry professionals to network with each other, no matter where they are.

If you only connect with people you know or have worked with, you’re not using the service to its full capability.

6. Post Your Businesses Marketing Content

It’s a good idea to post your businesses marketing information on your profile and in the feed.

This is a powerful way to get your branding across to an untapped amount of potential new clients, candidates, customers, suppliers, buyers, etc.

Depending on how good your content is and how many people like, share and comment on your post, your information can be seen by thousands of users.

'The allowance of free business marketing and advertising via LinkedIn is the most valuable component of the service.'

7. Share Relevant Posts From Your LinkedIn Feed

If someone posts something you like or find relevant for the industry you work in, you should share it.

This is a good way to get your perspective on the market out to your network.

It also encourages further people to see you as a specialist in the market who is on top of current industry proceedings, which can lead to an array of positive outcomes.

*It also supports the person who posted the content. Typically, if you like or share someone else’s content, they’ll do the same for you.

8. Follow Relevant Influencers For Your Industry

Influencers on LinkedIn are profound business people &/or content creators who post regular articles on current day industry topics & issues.

Some influencers I follow are Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Tony Robbins & Dr. Travis Bradberry .

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