Six Reasons To Use A Resume Writer

The debate will always be ongoing.

Is using a professional resume writing service worth the cost? Will I benefit from the service? I’m currently unemployed, can I afford to spend money on this?

These are all valid questions, and a lot of the time it will come down to personal circumstance and the calibre of the service you are choosing.

One way of looking at it is, can you afford not to use a resume writer?

How long have you been unemployed? Is this due to a poor resume not opening any doors? How much money are you forking out of your life savings to pay the mortgage because of unemployment?

Maybe you’re going for a promotion or step up role which will achieve a large salary increase? Is your resume holding you back? Will the one-time small cost to create a brilliant resume help you gain a promotion with a $20k salary increase?

There are various ways to look at it and below you will find six reasons you should consider using a professional resume writer.

1) Your Writing Ability Isn’t The Best

Let’s say you’re a Diesel Fitter.

Nuts, bolts, spinning parts, mechanical stuff, etc. is your thing. Hence, if your ability to document the past ten years of your career with strategic wording is becoming a challenge, that’s ok.

This is one of the critical reasons you might use a resume writer. One thing which is surer to turn a recruiter or hiring manager off before they turn to page two is poor grammar and punctuation.

2) Most Businesses Use Applicant Tracking Databases

An Applicant Tracking Database is a software system that more than 60% of companies are using to read and rank candidates based on keywords within a resume. According to Forbes, more than 75% of candidates are not being seen because they do not know how to structure their resume using the relevant key wording recognised by these systems. If this sounds like Spanglish to you, maybe you should consider a resume writer.

3) Struggling to Get to Interview Stage

You know that your experience is fantastic and you have done some excellent work. So why aren’t you receiving any response from your applications?

It could be because of your poor resume.

Statistics show that if a recruiter can’t find what they are looking for on a resume within 7 seconds, they will most likely move to the next candidate application.

This is compounded when there are 200+ resumes to get through when shortlisting for a position in high demand.

4) You’re Too Modest

One thing we have seen is that many professionals sell themselves short. A lot of the time you have done some excellent work and achieved some great things, but to you, they might not seem amazing or like notable achievements. Resume writers are experts at pin pointing, retrieving and documenting this content to bolster your desirability.

5) Demands From Hiring Managers

It’s nearly impossible to know what hiring managers want to see on your resume. What information should you expand? What should be explained differently? The truth is, the recruitment industry is extremely fluid and hiring expectations for various positions change as often as the seasons do.

But how are you to know about this?

If the resume writer is half good at their job, they most likely bounce information off HR professionals in the specific sector to ensure they are providing a relevant product for their customers.

6) Gaps In Your Career & Employment Issues

Do you have gaps in your career that you’re struggling to explain? Have you been unemployed for an extended period? Were you sacked from your last job? A professional resume writer can assist you to get past these points.

If any of these points are potentially relevant, you should consider using an industry expert to complete your resume. Engineered Resume Solutions are experts in resources, construction & engineering sectors. Our team have first-hand experience as industry recruiters, so not only do we know what to look for and how to word content appropriately with industry terminology and jargon, we also have extended contacts with in-house recruiters & HR management professionals across the industry.

For more information on our services and packages, contact or call +61 415 400 083

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