Five Tips for Closing a Job Interview Successfully

When sitting for an interview, it’s always important to ensure you close the process accordingly.

There’s a million ways you can go about it depending on the general flow of the interview and how much of a connection you’ve had with the interviewer/s.

Simply dropping a line such as, “so when do I start?” isn’t something I would recommend and would normally tell the interviewer that you either have bad dad jokes or a touch of arrogance attached to your persona.

First impressions are obviously extremely important. However, considering your final comments might be the last thing the interviewer remembers, it’s important to leave the interview in strong fashion.

Listed below are Five Tips For Closing A Job Interview Successfully.

Leave the Right Picture Behind

One good thing would be to close with a few key skills or capabilities you hold which are relevant for the role.

For example, if you’ve noticed the job description states something like “Must be able to communicate effectively across all levels in the business”, you could state that you hold high calibre communication capability and provide a quick example of critical liaison you held between lower level employees and executive leadership in a past role.

Try to blend these skills into your pitch in the most relevant way without sounding too forward.

They can also be more technical skills surrounding engineering capability, software use, etc.

Ask if They Need Any Further Information

You never want to leave an interview and wonder if you forgot to provide any critical detail.

When the interview is finishing it’s always a good idea to ask if there is anything further you can provide, such as references, background information, work examples, project information, diagrams, etc.

Hiring managers are normally really busy (depending on your market) so sometimes they might forget to ask for a critical piece of information which can be integral to your success.

Make Sure Your Interest Resonates

It’s amazing the number of people that don’t get jobs when they should have, just because they didn’t show keen interest.

It can be a good idea when finishing the interview to restate that you’re extremely interested, explaining the reasons why.

This is normally a good time to mention the added value you can bring to the role, team & organisation, etc.

Next Steps

When finishing the interview, you should always ask what the next step in the process is.

You want to know when you will hear back and under what methods they will get in touch.

Try to obtain a decision date if available.

Contact Details

When finishing the interview, ask what the best way to get in touch will be in the future.

If you haven’t heard back, it’s not always because you didn’t get the role.

Sometimes there may have been changes in team structure which has placed a slight delay on the process.

If you haven’t heard back after the decision date, it’s ok to make contact and check on status of the hiring process.

Closing the interview in the right way is important and it’s sometimes overlooked due to general nervousness or anxiety the interviewee might have as they’re sprinting out the door.

The closing pitch should be tailored to the situation in front of you.

Try to gauge the general flow of the interview and mould your comments based on where you think you may have missed some detail or a point you think could bolster your chances of getting the job.

The final comments should be the cherry on top.

Do your interview preparation, keep the above points in mind and you are certain to smash the closing stages of your interview.

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