Are You Looking for Work in the Australian Job Market?

Job hunting is a tiresome, costly and time-consuming process which if not dealt with properly is sure to drive anyone mad.

Day after day of searching through seek, Linkedin, taking recruiter phone calls and waiting for the right job to fall into your lap can make for an emotional rollercoaster which can sometimes last months.

The longer you're on the market, the higher the chances that you might take the wrong role and end up doing something you didn't want to do to start with or with a business that doesn't align with your career progression aspirations.

One of the best ways to ensure you are minimising time sending applications into cyberspace is by aligning your professional profiling accordingly with use of a professional resume writing service.

When we mention professional profiling, we are referring to your resume, cover letter & Linkedin profile.

Engineered Resume Solutions are a specialist professional profiling business focussed on resources, construction & engineering sectors.

Our expertise lies solely within the mentioned sectors, and our writers are recruitment professionals who know exactly what needs to be on your resume to get you to interview stage.

Listed below is an outline of our services & packages as well as associated costs (gst exclusive):

Professional Resume Service: $274.99

Professional Cover Letter Service: $149.99

Professional Linkedin Profile Writing Service: $149.99

ERS Bronze Package (Resume & Cover Letter): $364.99

ERS Silver Package (Resume & Linkedin Profile): $364.99

ERS Gold Package (Resume, Cover Letter & Linkedin): $459.99

For further information, please visit our services page (link below)

Alternatively, please contact or +61 415 400 083

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